The Quest for El Dorado

Type: Board Games
  • What You Get - The Quest for El Dorado comes with 7 Terrain tiles, 2 Terrain strips, 1 ending tile, 6 blockages, 8 playing pieces, 4 Expedition boards, 1 starting player hat, 1 market board, 86 Expedition cards, 36 Cave tokens, and instructions.
  • Fun Play Experience - You can play a game in 60 minutes, and it's perfect for 2-4 players ages 10 and up, which makes this a perfect gift for families who love to play games together.
  • Easy to Understand Instructions - High quality, easy to understand instructions make it possible to start playing right away.
  • Great Replay Value - The Quest for El Dorado's variable game board with more than 100,000 possible layouts and a deck-building strategy component means this game can be played endlessly to different results!
  • Long Term Quality - Ravensburger has been making products for the hand, head, and heart for over 130 years. The Quest for El Dorado was a Game of the Year 2017 Finalist.