Star Wars Villainous: Scum and Villainy

Type: Board Games
Meet your destiny as Star Wars' Boba Fett, Seventh Sister, or Cad Bane in this strategy card game. Wield your sinister influence and unique abilities to manipulate events in your favor. Are you powerful and clever enough to fulfill your dark destiny before your opponents?

To win as Boba Fett, players must complete 4 Bounties to maintain his place as the Galactic Empire's greatest Bounty Hunter. Seventh Sister must remove the three Rebel Heroes - Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and Ezra Bridger - from the game. Cad Bane must collect 5 Target tokens by defeating Heroes that have Targets placed on them by his Allies.

Star Wars Villainous: Scum and Villainy can be combined with other Star Wars Villainous titles to support games of up to four players.

Experience your favorite Villain’s story! Players take on the role of a Star Wars Villain and work towards a unique objective, fighting off iconic Star Wars Heroes as they deal twists of fate to their opponents. The first Villain to complete their objective wins.