About Us

Lantern Games hopes to offer reliable access to gaming equipment in an open and welcoming environment where everyone can come to learn, play and create. Our hope is to build a community of players, of all different skill levels, to grow the tabletop gaming world.  

Brent Kruscke (left) Jacob Stokes (right)

Brent Kruscke | Co-Founder and Manager

Brent Kruscke is the Co-Founder and Manager of Lantern Games LLC. In 2013, Brent received an Associate’s degree in Digital Media with a focus on Filmmaking from Lansing Community College. He is currently a self-published author of two novels that have sold thousands of copies, an award-winning filmmaker and an accomplished graphic designer. Brent's desire to connect with fellow storytellers, game players and dreamers fueled him in his desire to open Lantern Games and continues to drive him to bring more people into the folds of worlds beyond our own.

Jacob Stokes | Co-Founder and Manager

Jacob Stokes is the Co-Founder and Manager of Lantern Games LLC. Jacob was a student of Media and Game Design at Michigan State University. As an award-winning producer of media and successful co-founder of Boomerangs Children’s and Maternity Resale, Jacob has a long history of media creation, sales, and business. With leadership roles in Best Buy and Apple storefronts, he has seen what it takes for retail spaces to operate at an exceptional level. Since 2011, Jacob has used his spare time to create dozens of short films and games to tell stories, entertain, and bring joy to people. Lantern Games LLC will be the perfect platform to deliver this level of passion to even more people.